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Interview with Martin Udall, Principal and owner at Martin Udall & Associates

Perth Legal International meets Martin Udall, Principal and owner at Martin Udall & Associates, immigration specialists, in his office in Maylands. As Mr Udall has been working on migration law for sixteen years, ten of which were at his own law firm, we could not miss the opportunity of learning about his practice, his international work and the opportunities to get international work right here in Perth. Mr Udall has the advantage of speaking Czech and Slovak due to his parents being from the former Czechoslovakia and his close ties with the country, which contributed to Martin Udall & Associates opening an office in Prague (Czech Republic). As a result, the firm attracts not only Czech citizens, but citizens from the rest of Europe and the world who want to come to Australia.

Mr Udall deals with anything to do with Australian migration law, to include visas, court of appeals, tribunal appeals – fortunately, less of the latter since he doesn’t get a lot of refusals to his applications –, assisting individuals, students and businesses. Additionally, due to the close connection of migration law with other areas such as family law, Mr Udall works closely with other lawyers specialists in other areas of law.

Mr Udall told us that the international outlook of Martin Udall & Associates adds an intangible value to the firm: European clients in Australia seem to be comforted by the connection to Europe, and for those clients instructing them from Prague, the for Australian law specialism is essential.

Perth Legal International wanted to know how prepared Perth courts and government organizations are to deal with his line of work. We were happy to hear that the courts and tribunals dealing with migration law are very good. Even so when it comes to family courts dealing with mixed couples (e.g. Australian nationality and a different nationality), where things get very complicated.

So, since Perth courts and tribunals are quite good at dealing with migration law – which is Federal law –, it would seem like an opportunity to attract legal work to Perth. Mr Udall confirmed that he does not need to physically see his clients to assist them.

Moving on, Perth Legal International wanted to know about the role that the Law Society of Western Australia plays in his practice. Mr Udall confirmed that he gets recommended from time to time to clients who need a lawyer in his area of work. He also finds that the Law Society membership gives a form of accreditation useful to reassure his clients.

We were really pleased to hear Mr Udall’s answers. When it comes to immigration law and family law related to mixed couples, Perth is definitely the place to come to seek legal assistance.

We say goodbye to Mr Udall, who gets back to work, and promise to catch up with him soon.

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