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Interview with Natalie Predovnik, Director of Ashira World Travel

Perth Legal International met with Natalie Predovnik, Director of Ashira World Travel. We wanted to understand her experience and views on the legal services available for Perth entrepreneurs and SME’s.

Ashira World Travel offers corporate travel management service and Predovnik created it to help clients with all their travel needs. ‘We are passionate about travel and making sure our clients get the best possible experience for their next trip.’ Ashira World Travel is based in Perth, but they work with clients from all over the world and make bookings in any worldwide location.

After 3 years in business, Predovnik told us that there had been times where a lawyer could have made life easier. This is ‘because when you set up your company you have lots of questions that a lawyer could respond. And when the company grows and you get more suppliers and clients, things get complicated and a lawyer could resolve it’. However, they ended up resolving things without resorting to a lawyer because they found it difficult to find one specialist in their area. ‘The travel sector is very specific. In a way it is very international, but it is also about consumer protection and guarantees in Australia. So, we would need to find a lawyer familiar with travel services.’ Interestingly, Ashira World Travel director would be happy to use a lawyer not based in Perth, because their ‘clients are all over the word, so we can use a lawyer based elsewhere. Although I much rather see my lawyer face to face.’

So, it is easy not to use a lawyer until there is a problem, when it becomes unavoidable getting one, something that happily has not ocurred to them.  On the other hand, if they found a Perth lawyer, expert in their sector and with clear fees-structure, they would have no hesitation in engaging that

Perth Legal International thanks Natalie Predovnik and wishes her the best with her business.

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