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About Us

Perth Legal International is the hub for international legal matters in Perth (Western Australia), the platform that connects lawyers, clients, universities, associations, societies and anyone interested in legal issues with an international component to be dealt with in Perth. International relations mean international legal needs and Perth Legal International is the place to get that solution.

Our aim is to assist you to find the best solution for your international legal need. This means finding that lawyer that understands your problem, connecting with clients that you can assist yet cannot find you, understanding the difficulties faced and the advantages offered by Perth when attracting more legal work. Ultimately, Perth Legal International seeks to promote Perth as the venue for international legal work.

What do we mean by international legal work?

Sometimes needs remain unsolved and potential remains unachieved due to lack of awareness:

  • a travel agent creates international legal relations and remains unaware of its legal implications;
  • a company is gathering personal data from clients abroad and needs to know more about data protection in other countries;
  • a law firm could assist international clients, yet clients are not aware of its services;
  • the beneficiary of an inheritance abroad needs legal assistance, yet is unable to find a lawyer in Perth with international network who will be able to assist;
  • an international family lawyer cannot find the right lawyer to assist in their Australian legal matters;
  • a South African construction company and a Chilean mining company ignore the existence of international arbitration services offered in Perth.

These situations and others are familiar to us and Perth Legal International aims to resolve it.

Who leads Perth Legal International?

After a career in law spanning three countries (Spain, Ireland and the UK) and two sectors (law practice and higher education), Alfonso Valero set up Perth Legal International to assist people with a legal need to find their right lawyer, lawyers to achieve their potential and universities to raise awareness about their offering.

Alfonso Valero co-founded, a world leading website in the area of sports law and is now bringing his expertise and experience to work in the legal sector of Perth. If you need assistance contact us. If you want to know how we can assist you, go here.

Perth Legal International

Perth Legal International  is a platform to promote Perth as a forum for international legal matters